September 2011


A Coffee CupOn Wednesday Sept 7th a small group of parents meet for coffee and a chat in the Children’s Services Centre in Dunmanway.

The concerns that we were raised included the cuts to SNA’s hours. Many parents did not receive any notification that these cuts had occurred until their children were back at school.

In fact, one school did not actually notify the family at all, it was the child themselves who happen to mention that their SNA wasn‘t there as much as they were last year.

There is a planned protest in Dublin next week but that is really something that we – being from West Cork and so far away- are probably not going to be able to attend.

So what do we do – how do we make ourselves heard?. We really need to stand up and be counted for or are we just going to take this lying down?

There were also conversations about the dreaded homework. How difficult it is to get our children to settle down to homework.

Everyone who attended the meeting and who was able to attend the summer events had great feedback to give on them.

On the strength of the horse riding a few kids have actually signed up for lessons themselves which is absolutely fantastic.

We have heard that the children who made their first visit to the cinema through the AWC outing have returned on numerous occasions with their families and are delighted that they have found something that all the family can do together.

We would like to thank everyone who attended – its great that parents are getting to know one another and are comfortable sharing their experiences. We have also heard that from the summer events a few children have made friends and are occasionally visiting each other homes – this is fantastic news.

We look forward to seeing more family members at our next gathering .

[Ed. Following on from the meeting Tom has very kindly produced a template document to send to your TD. Please download the document and add your own details. Letter to TD about SNA and resource hour cuts]