August 2009


Coffee morning in full swing.Autism West Cork held its first coffee morning today at The Venue, O’Donovans Hotel in Clonakilty. The event was a huge success and we had a great time meeting both parents of children with ASD and also local people and holiday makers who  dropped in for a cuppa and to learn a bit more about autism.

In particular the committee would like to thank:

  • Dena O’Donovan and the staff at O’Donovans Hotel for allowing us to use The Venue, supplying us with crockery and cutlery and supporting the coffee morning.
  • Everyone who supplied cakes, scones and other goodies for sale. We had a huge spread and I’m pleased to say there was virtually nothing left at the end of the day.
  • The staff of the Co-Action ASD team; Pablo, Mary and Tricia, and Margaret from the Clonakilty Co-Action office who dropped by to support us and to speak to parents and othr visitors.
  • A big thank you to all the parents and the peoples of Clonakilty and further afield who came to support us. Your generosity in giving your time and money has been such a huge boost for us.

A great selection of cakesThe final thank you is reserved for someone very special. When we totaled up the donations at the end of the day we found an anonymous donation to Autism West Cork for €1500. To say we were stunned is an understament. To our anonymous donor thank you so muchfrom all the committee and from the children for whose benefit this will be used.


Autistic child surfing at Surf2Heal 2009The week of 17th August 2009 saw children (and some adults) take to the water for the West Cork Surf2Heal 2009. A fantastic time was had by one and all.

If you’ve never heard of Surf2Heal before; it’s a relatively new programme that aims to give children with autism a chance to try surfing in a protected and supporting environment. First run in Ireland in 2008 at Garrettstown, Co. Cork this year has seen camps held all around Ireland.

The camps are a great opportunity for the children to try new experiences and gain confidence. For some children just being on the sand or in the sea is a big challenge; but with the help of the volunteers and professionals on hand they’re encouraged to expand their limits and have a great adventure.

Autistic boy enjoying the suf at Surf2Heal 2009I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who took part in the weeks activities. They’re enthusiasm for being waist deep in cold water was reflected in the smiles of the children. I’d also like to thank Tricia, Kate, Pablo and Mary from Co-Action both for organizing the event and for getting in the water. Finally many thanks go to Colum of theWest Cork Surf School for the use of his premises and  equipment.

These are a few of the comments parents made after the event:

“I just want to thank most sincerely all those involved in last weeks Surf2Heal, especially all those who organised it and gave freely of their time to make the experience what it was for all the children involved.
He had a brillant time – Thank you :)  :)  :)”

“Just to say a big THANK YOU to all people who made this year’s Surf2Heal possible, especially the volunteers who gave up so much of their time. Our boy had a fantastic time, I could hear him laughing 50 yards away!”

“Surf2Heal was exactly the kind of activity I was looking for, for my son. Something where he is safe and secure, yet not over-protected – if that makes sense?! He had a great time and had so much fun. Even the weather didn’t really put a dampener on it. I think I’d happily stand in the rain for an hour just to see the look of joy and pleasure on his face. … Thank Yousooooooooo much to everyone involved.”

“Like everyone else,I would like to say a huge thank you to the ASD team, organisers and volunteers .My son had a brilliant time and an opportunity of a life time.”

Heres looking forward to Surf2Heal 2010!

Surf, Sunshine and Showers
Surf, Sunshine and Showers
Volunteer Briefing
Volunteer Briefing